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What if I can’t think of a story? 
We get asked this all the time. Don’t fret this is what we are here for. Combined we have decades of experience of writing and drawing comics. We ask all the right questions and we assure you that you ALWAYS have a story worth telling.

What kind of stories can be turned into a comic?
Absolutely anything. Our most popular story is how people met and got married, but we can literally draw anything. We love it when we get a very different story to illustrate which really pushes our skills.

How long should my story be?
Don’t worry about this, whether your story is a few sentences or a few pages we will turn it into a comic. With a short story we will be sure to ask a lot of questions to beef the story out a bit, and with a very long story we will ask lots of questions to discover the important parts which need included. 

How many photos do I need to supply?
The more the better! If you want to ensure that your characters have full likeness to the real people then you need to make sure your photos are clear and show the persons face. We assure you that your characters will always have true likeness if you supply good photos.

How is my comic created? 
First we create a draft of how your comic will look. The draft outlines the story and where the characters feature and roughly how each panel will look. The characters at this stage don’t have likeness, they are just rough drawings.

This draft is then emailed to you for feedback, where you can request changes to be made. We then apply your changes and create the final artwork. The artwork is drawn using a drawing tablet on the computer. Once completed we send this to you for feedback, where you can make further small changes.

Any changes are applied and your artwork is sent you for a last time for feedback before it is sent to the printers.

Can I make changes to my comic once you have started work on it? 
Yes you can, you actually get 2 chances throughout the design process to make changes. Once after the draft has been created – this is where large changes if required can be made. And then once when the final artwork has been created – this is where smaller changes can be made.

We find that this works for process works well, and that every customer leaves feeling they got just what they wanted, often more.

How long will my comic take to create?
Usually from when we receive your story and photos, your comic will take us 10 working days to complete. We can turn your comics around quicker at special request. Please contact us for more information.

How long will my comic take to be printed and delivered?
If in the UK, US, Canada, Australia or New Zealand please allow for 10-15 workings days from when you approve your final artwork for your comic to be printed and delivered to your door.

If outside if these countries please contact us for more information.

What if I can’t wait that long for my comic to be printed and delivered?
Don’t worry, you can opt to have your final comic artwork emailed to you instantly and then you can print and frame it yourself. 


What if I don’t like my comic?
We guarantee you that your comic will always look exactly the same as the final artwork, which you sign off. The only slight difference may be the colouring as computer screen settings differ. So far with thousands of orders under our belt we have never ran into a problem.

We have a policy of 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed and so confident in our ability that we offer to create your comic from scratch if for some reason it isn’t as you expected. So far we have never had to do this.

From humble beginnings as penniless artists with a passion, we are now a large group of professional comic artists drawing comics for people all over the world, everyday.
Despite our success we remain true to our core beliefs and deliver an exceptional product and service to every customer.







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