best graphic novels for teens

In this blog we delve into the young adult graphic novels, which are huge right now.

funny comic story ideas

What makes a funny comic story? How do people come up with ideas? Lets find out

How to draw comics for beginners

In this blog we have created a step by step guide to drawing your very first comic.

most popular comic books of all time

In this blog we look into the most popular comic books of all time! We are only looking at American comics in this blog. 

personalized comic book 

for boyfriend

In this blog we show you some great examples of personalized comic books, perfect for your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend or wife. 

Most iconic female villains of all time in comic books 

In this blog we will discuss the most iconic female villains of all time in comic books.

LA comic con

In 2022 we got selected to exhibit at LA Comic Con! Here we share with you about our experience. What a wild 3 days full of comics, cosplay and anime. 

custom father's day comic

The ultimate custom Father's Day gift that every Dad wants, a custom comic! Turn your Dad into SuperDad or tell him why you love him.

personalized anniversary comic book

A blog about the coolest new anniversary gift....bye bye anniversary photo book and hello anniversary comic book!

the best ever comic book covers of all time

There have been some truly memorable pieces of comic art over the decades, but it’s truly all about the comic cover. Comic covers sell comics!

Best comic books for kids

In this blog we check out the best comics for kids nowadays. With so many options out there it can be hard to know what’s suitable and what’s good. Focusing on kids from 6-13 years of age.


In this blog we share with you who we think are the best female comic book characters. 

history of comic strips

Comic books are now a $8 billion industry, an industry which has boomed in less than 100 years. Let’s delve into the history of comic strips and find out more about them. 

create your own comic book

This blog will give you insight into our process. Or maybe you want to create your own comic book? Then the steps laid out in this blog may assist you. 

history of comic books 

part 1

For over one hundred years pop culture has been saturated with characters from comic books, from superheroes to anime characters. The comic book industry is worth billions.

history of comic ART STYLES

Here we delve into the history of art styles in comic books, looking through the decades at how comic art has evolved. 

history of comic books 

part 2

Here we explore the history of art styles in comic books, how comic art has evolved. 

history of manga

In this blog we will look into the history of manga, where it came from and about some of the most famous manga artists and comics. 

best horror comic books

In this blog we discover some of the scariest horror comic books of all time.

batman comics for beginners

We identify some good starting points to delve into the superhero world of Batman

history of superman

Superman is 85 this year, in this blog we delve into his history.

best flash stories

In this blog we list some of the best Flash stories. He’s been around since 1940, so there’s plenty of really great stories to choose from!