Turn your kid's story and drawings into a real comic book!

  • The ultimate creative birthday gift for boys and girls
  • Teaches kids how to write and draw a great comic story
  • Fun and entertaining way to bond with your child
  • Price includes FREE tracked shipping, there are no further additional costs
  • Suitable for kids aged 10+

How it Works



Your child follows the instructions and writes and draws their comic story. We will be at the end of an email if they need help.



Once your child finishes their comic, you will need to scan and email the completed pages to us. There are free scanning apps if you don't have a scanner.



We’ll format and edit the pages. And then print and bind them into a real comic book. It is printed on high quality paper and mailed to your child.

4.8 out of 5 stars (600+ customer reviews)



Fabulous!! Seller was easy to work with and this is one of my favorite gifts I've ever given!!



I ordered this for my nephew who is superhero mad and he loved it!! We wrote the story together and then he draw all the images. 1 week later he had his printed comic book in his hands!! So much fun!



Very impressed with this comic kit. Scanning and emailing the completed pages was much easier than I thought - and 8 days later we got the comic book in the mail! it's printed on high quality paper and formatted beautifully, it looks just like a real comic book!



My 12 year old son loved it, he completed it with his dad, was a great father and son bonding exercise! We got the comic book in the mail just last week and we were blown away with the quality, it really is just like a professional comic book!


WOW!! What a great activity for kids, my son and I really enjoyed creating our comic book. It is really hard to get him to concentrate but he loved writing his superhero story. The end product was mailed back so quickly and my son LOVED it! he reads it every day!


Great product, it's so nice to see some new and exciting products for kids that don't need a computer. I have a hard time getting my kids away from their ipads but this comic kit kept them busy for hours!!


Amazing birthday gift, perfect for creative kids. My son is 11 and loved creating his own superhero. Such a proud parent moment to see his face light up when we got the comic book back in the mail, amazing customer service too!!


I was curious about this activity as I hadn't seen anything like it before. My daughter loved completing her comic book, the instructions were easy for her to follow, and the final comic book which got mailed back was incredible quality. Such a great product for the price!


Amazing customer service, my son emailed make me a comic a couple of times with questions and they answered back quickly with lots of great ideas for him. My son loved the whole process, and wants to do another!


- 12 page full colour interactive instruction book

- 2 sets of comic pages to complete - (1 extra set incase you make mistakes). This is what you email back to us once complete

- Email hotline to one of our team if your kid needs help with ideas

- Your kid's story and drawings turned into a real comic book - which they will receive in the mail

- All print and shipping costs

- Parental FAQ sheet

*You will need your own texters, a pencil and an eraser

It really comes down to your child, a studious child who loves writing and drawing could complete it in a weekend.

There's no time limit whether they take 1 weekend or 1 year it is ok, the product doesn't expire.

Once we receive your completed comic pages, your child will receive their very own real comic book in the mail 5-7 days later. The comic book ships from Texas, USA.

Don't worry you can email us and ask us as many questions as you like. We will help you with story ideas and character design. All included in the price.

How we edit your kid's drawings before we turn them into a comic book...

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