Make A Superhero Comic With Your Kids

  • Have your kid feel accomplished with their own published comic book
  • Fun and entertaining way to bond with your child
  • Perfect for entertaining your kids during lockdown
  • Teaches kids how to tell creative stories

Our Customers Say


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The Superhero Comic Book Kit Mom’s Recommend!

Imagine seeing your kid’s eyes light up as they get to hold their own professionally printed, limited edition, superhero comic book in their hands within days of submitting it to us! Not to mention the hours of fun they get to enjoy with you as they create the story they want to tell.

How it Works


Following the instructions, supervise your child as they write and draw their comic story.


Once your child has completed their comic story, scan and email the pages back to us. Don't worry if you don't have a scanner, there are many great free scanning phone apps.


We'll edit, print and then bind your child's comic and mail it back to your child. The end result is a high quality professionally printed comic book!

Published Comic Books From Real Kids!

“My 2 boys are superhero crazy so this comic kit was the perfect gift for them. It does require some parental supervision, but the kit is well planned out and easy to follow. My boys especially loved the comic story inside the kit which helped them come up with ideas.” - Erin

Stuck in Pixel Land by Clark
The Adventures of Sapphire & Unicorn Girl by Cora
Uni Girl vs Mr Frash! By Braydon