How Storytelling Can Benefit Your Young Teenager

The Young Teen's Comic Book Kit from Make Me A Comic - the newest way to get your teenager to write stories.

Everyone loves a good story, the art of storytelling goes back centuries and has provided entertainment for everyone regardless of race, gender and age. We associate storytelling with young kids, but actually everyone can benefit from creative writing, especially teenagers.

The young teens of today spend a lot of time on laptops, phones and playing video games. As a result they actually have a vast amount of information internally which needs to be externalised and used - and yes you guessed it, storytelling is a great tool to assist with this.

The Young Teens Comic Book Kit from Make Me A Comic is the the perfect activity kit to get your young teen interested in storytelling.

The Benefits of Storytelling For Young Teens

Here we look at the benefits of storytelling for young teens - long live the storyteller!

The brain is hardwired for stories!

A key skill for good storytelling is an agile memory - the skill to keep the story on track and build momentum. This skill is also useful when it comes to exams. Before writing, stories and songs were used to remember history.

Improves social interaction

Teens have a tendency to be quite self centred individuals, as they are ruled by their hormones and emotions. Through practised storytelling they will have a better understanding of other people's motives and therefore have an advantage over their peers when it comes to social interactions.

Supports essay writing

Every good story has a beginning, a plot, a crescendo and an ending - all of which need planned out in a logical order, this skill lends itself to great essay writing.

Enhances debate skills

The skill of weaving together a storyline transfer nicely to building an argument for debate. But watch out this could backfire on you next time you ask them to do the dishes!

Builds optimism and confidence

Young teens who practise frequent story telling develop the ability to notice the extraordinary within everyday life situations. They come out of themselves and are more likely to focus on positive aspects.

There’s many more benefits I could list, the benefits are endless!

But how am I going to get my young teen to write a story?!

Yes I know what you are thinking, easier said than done right….WRONG - let me introduce you to the Young Teens's Comic Book Kit from Make Me A Comic.

The Young Teen's Comic Book Kit teaches children how to create their own comic story and characters, and then how to apply and draw that in comic book format.

Check out this video for more information

Once the kit is completed, the comic pages are scanned and emailed to Make Me A Comic, who then format and edit them with comic style formatting, turning the child’s story and drawings into an authentic looking comic book.

The comic book is professionally printed, bound and then mailed to the child, whereupon they get to enjoy their very own comic book story again and again. It's a very proud moment for the young teen when they get their comic book in the mail, it makes them feel valued, listened to and accomplished.

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