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Create Your own Comic Book 


Interested in how we create our comics, then his blog will give you insight into our process. or maybe you want to create your own comic book? Then this information may also help you create your own.


Whether we are creating a custom comic strip or a custom comic book, the process is generally the same. Every comic starts with a conversation. Sometimes a client knows what they want, they might have even written the comic story.


But most of the time our clients are looking to us for our expertise. You don’t need to be creative, you don’t need to be knowledgeable about comics, you don’t even need to be into comics. All you really need is someone special to gift the comic to - we will do all the rest.


Quite often it can be hard to decide which comic product is best for your project. Our advice is work within your budget and if your budget is flexible, then contact us first. We can then discuss your project together and I will advse you on which product I think is best.


How to design a comic book


The process starts off with us chatting via email about your comic story. We will prompt you with questions and very quickly we will map out the story together. We will then email you many questions and request photos, once we have all the information the real fun starts!


If you are writing your own comic story it can be a good process to ask yourself many questions, this way you won’t miss anything. The best comic stories have the smallest little details, every time you read it you notice more and more things. 


Designing the comic

First we create a rough draft of the comic. Sometimes with pencil and paper but quite often on a tablet with Pro Create or Photoshop on a laptop. This is the best way to design a comic book, as you can map out the story in pictures, making sure you have enough room for everything. The story needs to be clear and concise, without the need for too much text. The pictures should do the talking.


A rough draft can easily be edited without much work. Once the panels are sketched the text can be added and you will quickly realize whether you have too much text because you won’t be able to fit it all in. 


Once we have created our rough drafts we send this to the client, requesting any changes they may want. This is where the biggest changes occur, because it's easy and quick. I think if you are designing your own comic you will find that this is a very useful step. If you are creating a very long comic book make sure you draft out all the pages, this will save you time and work in the long run.


How to design a comic character


Alongside creating the rough draft we often sketch out the characters, so we get to know them. We might draw them from a few different angles, especially if the comic book is quite long. This is a great way to get to know your characters and develop them, character development and design is very important to a successful comic book.


Now when we create our comics, most stories are based on true life. We sketch out the characters beforehand to ensure that we get accurate likeness throughout the comic. It’s very important the customer recognises the people in the comic story.


If you are creating characters from your imagination it is still important that they look the same throughout the comic. It is also important that visually your character looks like the type of character he is, for instance a bad guy should look like a bad guy. 


How to ink and color a comic


We do this in Pro Create or Photoshop, first we do what is called ‘inking’. This is outlining the comic in black and adding any rendering where need be. We are a team of 12+ and we all have our different methods when it comes to this. Some of us have created our own brushes, others use standard brushes. It’s all about finding the right program settings for you which you feel show off your illustration skills the best.


If creating your comic on paper then perhaps use 2-3 black pens of different thickness and remember creating a comic is not about how well you can draw. The simplest drawn comics have had huge success over the years. It is about the illustrations, story line and ideas combined. What is important is to develop your own style so people recognize your comic artwork. 


Once the comic is inked we color it, also either in Pro Create or Photoshop. It’s important to keep in mind the story theme, if it’s a romantic love story then we will keep the color palette quite soft, whereas if it's a superhero comic story we will use brighter colors more in line with traditional comics. We often use flat colours first and then we comes in with light and shade to give them comic some depth. We might also come back in with the inking and render more where we need to. Rendering is where you add detail texture and form, making objects and people appear less flat. 


Completing the custom comic book


Once complete we send the comic artwork to the customer, at this stage they can still make changes. Usually it’s small things like text, colors and likeness to characters. Likeness to characters can sometimes be quite tricky as people can look quite different across different photos. Plus the customers work from a memory of that person and if we don’t have good photos it can sometimes be very hard to get the likeness right. But in saying that we always manage it, we keep editing until the customer is happy. But better your reference photos, better the result and the quicker the comic book will be drawn. 


Create your own comic book today!


Whether you want to hire us to design your comic book or whether you want to create your own comic book I hope this blog gave you the information that you need. Any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out, we are always interested in your ideas.

Customer reviews (38 reviews)


The freaking best. Had it made as a going away gift for friends and it’s just perfect!! Thank you!


Absolutely love Laura's work. The process was simple and fast.


Over the moon with how it turned out!

Laura’s approach to creating the comic was made very hassle-free for me as she only needed a bit of information from me and she took care of the rest.

It’s amazing what she was able to do with just a few photographs and a brief background on the story I wanted illustrated, she brought to life what I had envisioned the final comic to look like, right down to the smaller details.

She was always open to making any changes I requested and she would only finalise the comic when I was 100% happy with it. Overall the whole process was very pleasant and it was a lot of fun to see the comic come together.


Wow! What an amazing experience I have had with this company and Laura. I wanted to created a 4 panel picture for my 1 year wedding anniversary gift to my husband. This company did an incredible job! They were responsive and everything looked exactly how I envisioned. My husband was blown away and said it was the best gift he’s ever gotten. When I printed it from FedEx I had 3 workers ask for the information on who made it! Thanks Laura! It is perfect!!!


Laura was awesome to work with. I’m so excited to gift my husband his Father’s Day gift soon!

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