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Custom Kids Superhero Portrait - Turn My Childs Drawing Into A Cartoon - Design Your Alter Ego

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Custom Kids Superhero Portrait - Turn My Childs Drawing Into A Cartoon - Design Your Alter Ego - Make Me A Comic Ltd
Custom Kids Superhero Portrait - Turn My Childs Drawing Into A Cartoon - Design Your Alter Ego
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Custom Kids Superhero Portrait
Is your child superhero mad? Well we have the ultimate gift, we will turn their drawing of their superhero into a cartoon!

So how do you get one? The process is very straight forward

  1. Purchase the custom kids superhero portrait. 
  2. Start by asking your child, "If they were a superhero what would your name be? And what would your superpowers be?"
  3. Ask them to draw their superhero and colour it in and next to it write down the superpowers and what colours the hero is.
  4. Take a photo and then email it to us. 
  5. Also email us a photo of your child, that way we can make sure the superhero looks like them!
  6. We will then follow your child's design and draw their superhero! The hero will look like them so we will also need a photo of their face.
  7. If you opted for a high resolution digital file then your custom superhero portrait will be emailed to you as soon as it is finished, approx 1-3 business days.
  8. If you opted for a paper print or a canvas print then your print will arrive approximately 7-10 business days after completion. Delivery time depends on your location. 


  • It’s a hand drawn superhero portrait based on your child's design.  
  • The superhero will look like your child. 
  • Every superhero portrait is drawn by hand, by a robots on our team!
  • You can opt for either a digital file to print yourself, paper print or a canvas print. When you order a paper print or a canvas print you also get the digital file.
  • You can print any digital file at your local printer or an online printer. We will help you find one. Best bit is you can print as many as you like!
  • If you want a different print size as to what is offered please let us know. We can accommodate any size. 


Subscribe to our VIP club and get a free quick sketch portrait of you or a loved one, even a pet! You will also receive free entry into the monthly prize draw to win a personalized portrait worth £59. 


How is my comic created?

First we create a draft of how your comic will look. The draft outlines the story and where the characters feature and roughly how each panel will look. The characters at this stage don’t have likeness, they are just rough drawings.

This draft is then emailed to you for feedback, where you can request changes to be made. We then apply your changes and create the final artwork. The artwork is drawn using a drawing tablet on the computer. Once completed we send this to you for feedback, where you can make further small changes. Any changes are applied and your artwork is sent to you for a last time for feedback before it is sent to the printers.

How long will my comic take to create?

Usually from when we receive your story and photos, your comic will take us 10 working days to complete. We can turn your comics around quicker at special request. Please contact us for more information.

What if I don’t like my comic?

This can never happen as we have a policy of 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, we don't go to print until you approve the artwork. We have a very efficient Q&A process and we thoroughly research the story first so you can be rest assured that the story you want to tell will be told, actually even better than you could ever imagine. 

We will then edit things like colours, text, small details and likeness to people until you are happy with it.

Comic Artwork Created From 3 days
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Unlimited Revisions