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Custom Kids Superhero Portrait
Is your child superhero mad? Well we have the ultimate gift, we will turn their drawing of their superhero into a cartoon!

So how do you get one? The process is very straight forward

  1. Purchase the custom kids superhero portrait. 
  2. Start by asking your child, "If they were a superhero what would your name be? And what would your superpowers be?"
  3. Ask them to draw their superhero and colour it in and next to it write down the superpowers and what colours the hero is.
  4. Take a photo and then email it to us. 
  5. Also email us a photo of your child, that way we can make sure the superhero looks like them!
  6. We will then follow your child's design and draw their superhero! The hero will look like them so we will also need a photo of their face.
  7. If you opted for a high resolution digital file then your custom superhero portrait will be emailed to you as soon as it is finished, approx 1-3 business days.
  8. If you opted for a paper print or a canvas print then your print will arrive approximately 7-10 business days after completion. Delivery time depends on your location. 


  • It’s a hand drawn superhero portrait based on your child's design.  
  • The superhero will look like your child. 
  • Every superhero portrait is drawn by hand, by a robots on our team!
  • You can opt for either a digital file to print yourself, paper print or a canvas print. When you order a paper print or a canvas print you also get the digital file.
  • You can print any digital file at your local printer or an online printer. We will help you find one. Best bit is you can print as many as you like!
  • If you want a different print size as to what is offered please let us know. We can accommodate any size. 


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Customer reviews (42 reviews)


The freaking best. Had it made as a going away gift for friends and it’s just perfect!! Thank you!


Absolutely love Laura's work. The process was simple and fast.


Over the moon with how it turned out!

Laura’s approach to creating the comic was made very hassle-free for me as she only needed a bit of information from me and she took care of the rest.

It’s amazing what she was able to do with just a few photographs and a brief background on the story I wanted illustrated, she brought to life what I had envisioned the final comic to look like, right down to the smaller details.

She was always open to making any changes I requested and she would only finalise the comic when I was 100% happy with it. Overall the whole process was very pleasant and it was a lot of fun to see the comic come together.


Wow! What an amazing experience I have had with this company and Laura. I wanted to created a 4 panel picture for my 1 year wedding anniversary gift to my husband. This company did an incredible job! They were responsive and everything looked exactly how I envisioned. My husband was blown away and said it was the best gift he’s ever gotten. When I printed it from FedEx I had 3 workers ask for the information on who made it! Thanks Laura! It is perfect!!!


Laura was awesome to work with. I’m so excited to gift my husband his Father’s Day gift soon!

Subscirbe to our VIP Club

Subscribe to our VIP club and get a free quick sketch portrait of you or a loved one, even a pet! You will also receive free entry into the monthly prize draw to win a personalized portrait worth £59.