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Custom comic book, telling the story of your relationship. 
Awesome custom comic book to gift your partner on your anniversary. The story of how you met and fell in love, a really beautiful and sentimental gift. 

The above is just to inspire you, our comics can be bought for anyone and any occasion. 

So how do you get one? The process is very straight forward 

  1. Purchase the custom comic book. Once ordered we will email you requesting your story ideas. 
  2. We will ask you to tell us your story in your own words, thinking about all the key events that took place. Don't think of your story in terms of the comic, just write it in your own words and leave the rest to us. If you are stuck for ideas, don't worry, we will help you through every step of the way.
  3. If you prefer a more fictional story that is also totally fine, we can illustrate anything and we will help you brainstorm ideas. 
  4. Don't worry about photos at this stage, we will request them later on. It also doesn't matter if you don't have many photos, we will make it work!
  5. We will then go through your story information and come back with suggestions and many questions to find out the small little details you might have missed. It's these small details which really make the comic super personable. This part is especially fun you will enjoy it. 
  6. We will also request photos as this stage and tell you what we need photos of. 
  7. We will then create a rough draft of your comic book and send it to you for feedback where you can request changes, this will be where most of the changes occur. 
  8. Once we receive your feedback we will complete your comic and send it to you for final approval. At this stage small changes can still be made, usually things like text and maybe skin colours. We aren't finished until you're 100% happy with the artwork. 
  9. Once complete we will send your comic book to the printers, printing and shipping takes around 2-7 business days. Production and delivery time depends on your location. You will receive 2 copies. 
  10. Production time for your comic book once all photos and story have been received is 5-20 business days, the time depends on how long your comic book is and also how busy we are and the length of your comic. If you need it sooner please get in touch and we will see what we can do. A 'rush fee' may apply.


  • It’s a comic book based on your story and photos.
  • The comic book will be written and drawn by a professional comic artist
  • The characters will look just like you and the places will look just like they do in real life
  • Every comic book is drawn by hand, by a robots on our team!
  • You can choose from different length comic books, if you aren't sure which length you want then message us first and we can guide you. 
  • You will receive 2 hard copies of your comic book and also the digital file so you can print more copies if you wish.  
  • The end result is an authentic and professional looking comic book. 
  • If you want more panels or pages to what is offered please let us know. We can accommodate any length. 


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Customer reviews (45 reviews)


The drawing turned out amazing. I absolutely love it!


I love our family portrait! Laura was easy to work with and was very responsive. She was able to create exactly what I asked for even though my pictures weren’t the best quality. I’ll definitely be purchasing more items in the future!


Laura is amazing! With family you know everybody's got an opinion of how they look like and Laura was extremely patient with all the critiques and changes. Came out looking amazing and everyone was satisfactory!




Es ist ein wunderschönes Bild geworden. Ich liebe es 😍 Laura ist eine echte Künstlerin, sie hat bestimmt nicht das letzte Bild für mich angefertigt!!