superhero gifts for adults

superhero gifts for adults

In this blog we show you some incrediblesuperhero themed gifts for adults, the best nerdy comic gifts for that superhero fan in your life. These custom comic gifts will blow them away, whether for your boyfriend, husband, dad or brother. 

Superhero Gifts For Adults

Superheroes aren't just loved by kids, they are loved by people of all adults. DC and Marvel movies always max out at the box office as kids and adults from all over the world flock to see them. Superhero comics in film are a multi billion dollar business. And it's not just film but also superhero comics which are loved by all ages. In fact adults are fanatical about them, some adults grew up with them and some found superheroes later in life.

We have some awesome superhero gifts for adults which every superhero fan will love, no matter which superhero they are into. We can turn them into their favorite superhero or we can create them a comic strip where perhaps they are being saved by their favorite superhero, or even fighting their favorite super-villain.

So lets show you what we have!

 superhero gifts for adults
 superhero gifts for adults

Custom Superhero Comic Book Cover

This is perhaps our best-seller, a custom made superhero comic cover, where we turn them into their very own superhero. We can base their hero on a famous hero, or we can make one up from scratch based on their job, passions, hobbies or skills. We prefer to create their superhero from scratch, it's so much fun to brainstorm ideas together. It makes the final artwork so much more personal and thoughtful.

The custom comic book cover is drawn a professional comic artist, it's drawn to a very high level of detail with accurate likeness to the recipient. They will recognise themselves! We reference photos of them to make sure the portrait looks like them, you can design their suit and their powers, the possibilities are endless. There is no limit to what we can create.

Also don't worry if you feel you aren't creative enough to come up with ideas, we ask all the right questions, before you know it you will be designing your very first superhero!

See this link for more examples and pricing, any questions, feel free to reach out to us via the chat feature on the website.

Custom Superhero Comic Strip

Let's level up and create a customer superhero comic strip with them as the recipient as the superhero! Perhaps they are saving you from the clutches of evil, or perhaps they have teamed up with their favourite superhero to defeat their favourite super-villain?! The possibilities are endless.

Just like the custom comic book cover you don't need to be creative, you don't need to create the storyline, that's what you pay us to do. We will brainstorm with you and together we will come up with a great story, it's actually a very fun process where we can let our imaginations run wild.

Check this link for more examples and pricing

 superhero gifts for adults
 superhero gifts for adults

Custom Superhero Comic Book

This is the ultimate superhero gift for adults, a custom superhero comic book! Yes a full comic book of at least 8 pages, full colour with multiple comic panels per page. The end result is a very authentic, high quality comic, just like you find in the comic book store from the likes of DC and Marvel.

Like the comic strip you can create your very own superhero and story, any characters you like, any genre, any theme. And of course we will brainstorm with you. This gift is the ultimate gift for the comic nerds out there. This literally will blow them away, it's their dream come true to be the start of their very own comic book.

Check this link for more examples and pricing.