Couple Comics

Couple Comics

In this blog we showcase some of our favourite couple comics we have cerated over the last 10+ years. Couple comics make a great birthday or anniversary gift for your other half. And no they don't need to be into comics, just wait until you see what we create!

What is a couple comic?

A couple comic is a comic about a couple's love story, a romantic comic strip or comic book which recreates their memories together. Capturing all the reasons why they love each other. It's a great gift for your husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, just watch their face and you unveil the piece of custom comic artwork.

It's entirely original and unique to you, hand drawn from scratch by a professional comic artist. We also write the comic story, ensuring it's accurate and personalized, it's a fun process.

See this link for more info and pricing.

 Couple Comics
 Couple Comics

Custom couple comic strips

Perhaps our best seller, a comic strip telling a couple's love story. Capturing all their favorite moments together, from first meeting, to first date, first 'I love you', proposal, wedding, kids, pets, vacations etc. This is the ultimate romantic git for your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. Also the perfect gift for friends who have everything and for friends who love comics.

We find that the recipient doesn't need to be into comics at all, a romantic custom made comic strip of a person's love story is loved by all. It's so sentimental and thoughtful, a once in a lifetime gift. although we do have couples who come back year after year, wanting the next year of their relationship captured.

We ask lots of questions and request photos, ensuring that the final result is as personable as possible, the recipient and everyone else in the custom made comic strip will recognise themselves.

Our custom couple comic strips make a great anniversary gift, whether for your first year or your 50th year. Whether you are 22 or 102 its an incredible gift to receive.

See this link for more examples and also some info on pricing. if you have questions please reach out to us via the chat feature on our website. Our custom couple comics are of the highest quality, our art team is highly experienced, you won't find better custom comic artwork online.

Shovanna's custom couple comic strip

We created this custom couple comic for Shovanna for her boyfriend. We cerated it quite some time ago now, but it is still one of my favorites. I love how the comic is in black and white until love blossoms.

The comic captures the story of how they met and fell in love. Their favorite memories together. A custom couple comic is a great way to show how much you love your partner, a reminder to them of why you love them.

Check out our FAQs which should answer any questions, or reach out to us via the chat feature on the website.

 Couple Comics
 Couple Comics

Brittany's Custom Couple Comic Strip

My next favorite is Brittany's comic for her boyfriend, a gift for their first dating anniversary. She picked out the 4 main events of their relationship so far and we drew them. You can pick any events you like, and you needn't have photos. we guarantee you we can draw any memory.

Jordan's Custom Couple Comic Strip

And this is my next favorite, a custom couple cmic for Jordan's boyfriend on their 1 year anniversary. This one just tells such a cute story and I like how it is drawn, a very cute cartoony style. This couple are very young so we wanted to make sure the comic was lighthearted and fun.

All our custom couple comics are drawn by a professional comic artist, you won't be disappointed. Remember we only have 5 star reviews, our customers come back to us time and time again.

 Couple Comics
 Couple Comics

Lance Custom Couple comic

Now this was a special one we cerated for Lance, he used it to propose to his girlfrend. See how the comic ends in the proposal....we love created custom comics for wedding proposals, it is a such a unique way to do it. Very modern yet still very romantic.

Remember check this link for more examples of our work and reviews.