Custom Comic Book Lover Gifts

Custom Comic Book Lover Gifts

We are all about custom comic gifts, we create custom comic strips, custom comic books and custom comic covers. As well as custom comic family portraits, couple portraits and pet portraits, there is nothing we don't draw.

We are a team of professional comic illustrators, we have various styles, we are good and we are fast, but best of all we LOVE what we do!

Let us show you some of our custom comic products

Custom Comic Strips

Our custom comic strips are our bestseller, imagine seeing yourself in a comic! Imean who doesn't want one. We can tell any story, recreating memories with a loved one, retelling funny stories with friends, or creating fictional stories with superheroes or anime comic characters.

There are no limits as to what comic story we can illustrate. We write the comic story for you with your help, we brainstorm together, keeping everything as personalized as possible.

By far the most popular story is a couple's love story, how they met and fell in love. Capturing all those special moments together. Our custom comic strips telling the story of a relationship make an incredible anniversary gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.

The people in the comic story will recognise themselves, we use many photos to get everything right. We try and recreate memories as closely as we can - with some artistic license of course.

 Custom Comic Book Lover Gifts
 Custom Comic Book Lover Gifts

Custom Comic Book

If you have a little more money to spend then our custom comic books are what you want. A hot favourite with the authentic comic geeks amongst us. Like our custom comic strips they can tell any story you like, only difference is rather than being 1 page, they are 8 pages! The final result is an authentic comic book just like you see in the comic book stores.

Our custom comic books have been bought for anniversaries, proposals, Valentine's Day, birthdays. Superhero stories are very popular with our custom comic books, often we turn a couple into a superhero duo. We take their relationship story and give it a superhero twist. We can also create action stories, even horror stories, sci-fi, fantasy - again there are no limits, anything is possible.

Custom Comic Cover

Our newest product, the custom comic cover, not sure why it took us so long to figure out there was a demand for these. Here we turn people into any kind of character they like, whether from comics, TV, movies - or we make them up based on their hobbies, skills or profession. Our custom comic covers are very fun to create, we can get very creative with the character design, we can illustrate a single person, a couple, even a whole family.

You can choose from one of several pre-made backgrounds or we can create you a custom background from scratch.

We draw the peoples faces with more detail on the custom comic covers than the custom comic books or custom comic strips. Our comic covers can be compared to that of DC or Marvel.

 Custom Comic Book Lover Gifts
 Custom Comic Book Lover Gifts

Custom Family Portraits

Our family portraits are very popular, maybe because we are one of the few companies that draw likeness to people VERY accurately. This is key to a hand drawn family portrait looking great. Custom family paintings are popular these days, but in all honesty digitally drawing the portrait is way better, firstly you can edit it until you like it and second you can print as many as you like and gift one to each family member.

We can draw a couple or even a huge family group, I think the most people we have drawn in 1 portrait is 50! You get to choose the order of the people, their pose, their clothing - you have complete artistic reign!

Custom Couple Portraits

Just like our family portraits they are drawn to a high spec, choose a romantic pose,. a casual pose, even a dancing pose. Choose to remove your braces, have your hair down, remove your glasses. Our custom couple portraits are all about the couple looking their very best. Capture a historical moment like their wedding day, engagement or special anniversary.

Our custom couple portraits are hand drawn from scratch, no robots, no AI just a humble human, loving what they do. The couple will recognise themselves and they will love the portrait drawing of them.

 Custom Comic Book Lover Gifts

Custom Pet Portrait

Maybe my favourite of all our product, our custom pet portraits. we don't just draw your pet, we capture their personality. if your pet is lazy we might draw them sleeping, if your pet is naughty we will capture their mischief, if they are addicted to stick or ball, well we will draw their toy.

We are big animal lovers here at Make Me A Comic, it's always a pleasure to turn someone's beloved pet into a very cute and funny cartoon drawing. Again all hand drawn from scratch, 100% customizeable.

 Custom Comic Book Lover Gifts