In this blog we have created a step by step guide to drawing your very first comic.

Everyone loves comic books

https://gem-3910432.netNo matter what your age, everyone loves comics, they are a very exciting and fun way to tell a story. DC and Marvel are 2 of the most famous comic book brands, plus many people grew up reading the comic strips in the Sunday newspapers. But what about creating your own comic strip or comic book! Let’s find out how you go about it. 

Creating your own comic book

Writing and drawing your own comic book is really fun, all you need is a pen and some colouring pencils or pens. Of course you also need some comic story ideas - your comic can be about anything.

 How to draw comics for beginners
 How to draw comics for beginners

Step 1 - Developing comic story ideas

The first step is to brainstorm story ideas and your characters. Carry a journal around with you and when ideas come into your head write them down. You could also flick through existing comic books to find inspiration. Alternatively you could go on to Google and search ‘good comic book story ideas’, and see what comes up.

Step 2 - Create your comic story

Once you have a rough idea about your comic story and the characters you can start to storyboard. You will start off by thinking of your story in terms of comic panels and writing a script and deciding which part of the script appears in which panel. Then you can add some notes to each panel so you know what to draw. You also need to think of the dialogue, who is saying what? Which characters appear in which panel? Once you know all of this you can move on to step number 3. 

 How to draw comics for beginners
 How to draw comics for beginners

Step 3 - Create your comic storyboard

This is the fun part, you can start to sketch out your comic, panel by panel. First of all you need to draw your panels, so get your ruler and pencil out and start creating each panel. Think about how big each panel needs to be, less important panels can be smaller, and more important panels can be bigger. Do all of your sketching with a pencil so you can easily erase any mistakes. 

Step 4 - Draw your comic book

Now that you have the rough sketch you can now refine your drawings with ink and colour. You will need some black markers and some coloured pencils or pens. Complete all of your drawings, making sure you lease space for the thought and speech bubbles. 

 How to draw comics for beginners
 How to draw comics for beginners

Step 5 - Publish your comic book

Once complete you can scan your pages into a computer and perhaps tweak your drawings on photoshop, you might make the colours more vibrant. You might decide to type your text rather than hand drawn it, in which case you would do that in photoshop also. You can then create a PDF of your comic and print it at your local printer, perhaps print a few copies and give it to family and friends.