La Comic Con

La Comic Con

In December 2022 we were lucky enough to be selected to exhibit atLA Comic Con, a pop culture event which draws in crowds of over 100,000 people in Downtown Los Angeles. usually early December, it is 3 days of craziness and fun, covering comics, gaming, cosplay and anime. 

What's it like at LA Comic Con?

Comic Con is a really busy, loud and fun event. There's lot's going on from guest speakers to Dungeons & Dragons games to treasure hunts.  There's so much comic and gaming merchandise to buy, so make sure you take cash with you as some vendors don't accept card.  

Be sure to check out the schedule so you don't miss your favorite comic artist signing, watch out the queues might be long, so get there early. 

It's a long 3 days, plenty of walking, so wear comfortable shoes and take snacks and water as the queues for refreshments are huge. 

 La Comic Con
 La Comic Con

Did You Like Exhibiting At LA Comic Con?

Yes we loved it! it was a lot of work, but totally worth it. We were the only British company there and we were the only comic company there who creates custom comic stripscomic books and comic covers. The response we got was huge, extremely positive, people had never seen what we did before. Given we were only down the road from Hollywood we also got quite a bit of interest from script writers and movie producers. Opposite you can see our booth and some highlights from the weekend.

Does Everyone Cosplay At LA Comic Con?

No, not at all, plenty of people are in normal everyday clothing or with comic or gaming tshirts. For those that love cosplay, there were a very diverse range of costumes from really easy costumes, to costumes which were lovingly hand made, to very expensive costumes which looked like they belonged in movies. What was great is that everyone felt very comfortabe being whoever they wanted to be, whether it was themselves, Batman or The Chainsaw Man - yeah we saw loads of him.

I dressed up as Samus from the Metroid, the Machinima series. This was a really easy female cosplay costume I got from Amazon. It looked great and was very comfortable, although going to the toilet was a bit of a pain as the gloves are part of the suit. 

 La Comic Con
 La Comic Con

History of Comic Conventions

Comic conventions go back to the mid 1960’s, the very first one was held in 1964 and was known as New York Comiccon. It was a 1 day convention for comic artists, writers and fans to gather together and chat about comics. It was a very small affair, it wasn’t about making money it was more about a mutual sharing of a very niche passion. 

In 1970 the very first San Diego Comic Con was held, (otherwise known as SDCC) where just 300 people attended. Fast forward 50 years and it’s now a global phenomenon and considered the leading pop culture convention in the world.

Comic conventions are now big business and generate billions of dollars for hundreds of cities and towns worldwide. They are a great opportunity for comic fans to meet like minded people, interact with comic artists and writer, get sneak peeks at new upcoming comic material and purchase merchandise.

Which Comic Conventions Are The Biggest? 

Here are the top 5 biggest comic conventions in the US:

San Diego Comic Con

New York Comic Con

Denver Fan Expo

Salt Lake City FanX

Emerald City Comic Con

Comic conventions can be found all over the world, here is a full list.

We would love to hear your comic con stories and see your cosplay photos, please email us

 La Comic Con