nerdy fathers day gifts

nerdy fathers day gifts

Is your Dad a nerd? Does he love comics and gaming, sci-fi and robots? Well you came to the right place to find a Father's Day gift for him, or maybe it's his birthday? Check out our custom comic book gifts that every nerdy Dad will love!

A custom comic strip

Nerdy Dad's usually love everything to do with comics, so a nerdy custom comic from their kids could be the perfect Father's Day gift! A story telling them all the reasons why they are the best Dad in the world. Every dad will love this, the star of their very own custom comic. It's a really thoughtful and special present, they will never expect it, just watch their face them they unwrap it.

We are the only company which creates these, check this link for pricing.

 nerdy fathers day gifts
 nerdy fathers day gifts

Here is another great example of a custom comic strip for Father's Day that we cerated where we turned Dad into a Superhero, Super Dad! This is an especially great gift for any Dad who is into comics such as Marvel and DC comics.

A custom sports portrait

Most dads love sports, even the nerdy Dads. So how about gifting him a hand drawn cartoon portrait of you both playing your favorite sport together? it might be fishing, cricket, basketball, soccer....whatever you are into we can draw.

This is a great gift for Father's Day, a special keepsake for your Dad, check out the links below for pricing.

Basketball -

Soccer -

Fishing -

 nerdy fathers day gifts
 nerdy fathers day gifts

A custom family portrait

How about gifting Dad a gift with the whole family drawn in it, a custom cartoon family portrait. We will draw everyone, including your pets, we can draw Dad in the middle surrounded by everyone he loves. This is a great gift for that nerdy Dad who has everything, and the Dad who wants nothing. This family keepsake will be a daily reminder of how much he is loved and what a great Dad he is.

Check out this link for other examples and pricing.

A custom superhero comic strip

We saved the best til last, the ultimate nerdy Father's Day gift. We will turn him into a famous superhero, perhaps he wants to be Superman, or Batman, or The Incredible Hulk like in our example here. You can choose any superhero or supervillain you like and we will help you come up with story ideas.

Order your custom Father's Day comic here.

 nerdy fathers day gifts