The Best Ever Comic Book Covers Of All Time

The Best Ever Comic Book Covers Of All Time

In this blog we look into the best ever comic book covers of all time. There have been some truly memorable pieces of comic art over the decades, but it’s truly all about the comic cover. Comic covers sell comics!

Firstly what makes a good comic cover?

A good comic cover tells a story, but doesn’t give away the ending. Most people think it’s about the artwork, but actually it’s more about the idea the artwork is trying to convey and the emotions the comic cover creates within the viewer. A comic cover which makes you feel emotional, shed a tear is a great comic cover….

Captain America #1 1941. One of the most controversial comic covers of all time is the Captain America cover opposite, where he is punching Hitler. This comic came out just before WWII started and gained a lot of attention, delivering a very strong message. 

Green Lantern Vol 2 #85 by Neil Adams

This Green Lantern cover is another comic cover which covered a very controversial issue - drugs! This was the issue where Green Arrow comes to terms with the fact that his side kick is a heroine addict. The very first comic to feature drugs. This comic was one of the first to show a shift to more adult comic themes. 

 The Best Ever Comic Book Covers Of All Time
 The Best Ever Comic Book Covers Of All Time

here are some of our favorite comic covers

Silver Surfer Vol 1

Most comic covers don’t show 2 heroes going head to head, but this comic cover of the Silver Surfer does just that, going against the God of Thunder. It uses great perspective and motion, full of action…and doesn't give the ending away….

Batman Harley Quinn #1 by Alex Ross

In the 90’s Harley Quinn transitioned from animated character to the comic book. Here she is depicted dancing with the Clown Prince of crime. This cover was so popular it was recreated for the movie Suicide Squad. 

Batman #608 2002

This is one of my favorite Batman covers, drawn by Jim Lee. Batman is often shown standing on a gargoyle looking over Gotham city, and I think this is because the best version of that. 

Superman #75 1993

A very iconic cover, the day Superman died, we see his cape in tatters symbolizing a flag. A very strong image, full of sadness, like the whole world died with him. 

Iron man Vol 1 #128 by Bob Layton

This comic cover is so iconic, showing that Tony Starks greatest enemy is himself. Here he is hitting rock bottom. Superheroes aren’t super all the time!

 The Best Ever Comic Book Covers Of All Time
 The Best Ever Comic Book Covers Of All Time

Who makes better comic covers, 

Marvel or DC? 

Personally we believe Marvel is better than DC, their characters are more complex, their ideas more out there. Marvel have proved themselves to be the best comic creators, transitioning comics into movies very successfully. 

Marvel brings more realism into it’s fantasy world, the characters are therefore more relatable, with real human like problems.