Wedding Gifts For Couples

Wedding Gifts For Couples

In this blog we show you some of our best wedding gifts for couples, from a romantic relationship comic strip to a nerdy superhero couple portrait. We have some great ideas for geeky couples and couples that aren't even into comics.

Custom Wedding Portrait

Our custom wedding portraits are one of our best selling wedding gifts for couple. It can be a hard gift to give at the wedding because we draw the couple in their wedding clothing. But you could do some sneaky detective work - or we can draw them in generic clothing. But you could also gift this after the wedding, we could use their favourite wedding photograph or perhaps they didn't quite get the photo they wanted, so we can create it based off other photos from the wedding day.

Our custom wedding portraits are always a winner, we only have 5 star reviews for all our portraits, see this link for pricing and reviews.

 Wedding Gifts For Couples
 Wedding Gifts For Couples

Or perhaps you are the bride and groom looking for some artwork for your thank you cards or your wedding program. or perhaps you can use the wedding portrait as a sign for your reception, or you could even use it for your wedding guestbook.

Our custom wedding portraits can be used for a multitude of things. You can view pricing here and you can see reviews here.

Custom Bridal Portraits

Our custom bridal portraits are a very unique wedding gift for couples, perhaps they didn't quite capture the bridal photo they wanted, perhaps something was missing or someones eyes were closed? All we need are photos of the clothing and a headshot of each person. You can select the order you want the people drawn in, we can even include pets.

Our custom bridal portraits make a really great relationship keepsake, a great memory of the big day. But they also make a great wedding gift for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You get the digital file so you can print as many as you like.

See this link for pricing

See this link for our reviews

 Wedding Gifts For Couples
 Wedding Gifts For Couples

Custom Couple Comic Covers

Now this is a great and affordable gift for a nerdy couple, a custom comic cover. We turn them into a superhero couple! I'm sure you can do some detective work and find out who their favourite heroes, or villains are. All we need are some good photos of them, a headshot and a photo of them stood together. We help you brainstorm ideas, the result is a very authentic and original comic book cover.

You can view some examples of our work here and see pricing.

Custom Relationship Comic Strip

Our custom comic strips are the ultimate wedding gift for couples, a comic strip telling the story of how they met and fell in love. This will take some detective work on your part, but I promise you the reaction from the couple will be priceless. We will help you come up with ideas and if you don't know all the information we can keep it fairly generic. What's most important is the characters look like the couple, so we will need photos.

See this link for examples of our work and reviews.

 Wedding Gifts For Couples