anniversary gifts for parents

anniversary gifts for parents

In this blog we come up with some great giftideas for parents, perhaps their wedding anniversary is coming up? They might have been married 50 years, so a very special and thoughtful gift is necessary. We have you covered, whatever your parents age and whatever they are into,we have the ultimate custom gift for them. 

What to buy your parents for their wedding anniversary?

it can be quite hard to buy a meaningful gift for your parents, I mean they have been around forever and likely have everything they need and want. This is where Make Me A Comic comes in handy, because we create very unusual custom comic art gifts. We guarantee that they likely won't have any of these custom art ideas that we are going to show you.

 anniversary gifts for parents
 anniversary gifts for parents

A Custom Couple Portrait

Let's start with our cheapest item, for those on a budget. A hand drawn portrait of your parents dancing together in their best clothes. This is a really romantic and sentimental gift, sure to bring a tear to their eye.

Our custom couple portraits are all hand drawn by my colleague Eli, a highly experienced comic illustrator. he works from many photos, so your parents will recognise themselves. You can choose clothing, shoes, even hairstyles, it's totally customizeable. Once complete we send you the portrait and you can request edits, the portrait is complete when you are happy with it.

To order yours go to this link

A custom family portrait

How about a drawing of the entire family together? This is an incredible gift as it's often quite hard to get everyone together. Even if you don't have a group photo of everyone together, we can use multiple photos. Like the couple portrait you can specific clothing and hair, you can also choose the order you want the people drawn in. Our custom family portraits are drawn with a high level of detail, everyone will recognise themselves.

Once complete you can request edits, with large family groups there can be quite a few edits until we get it right - but this is totally fine, it's all included int the price. Your parents will be sure to love this custom gift.

You can also add props for each person, say they are into football they can hold a football, or perhaps they are a teacher, we can draw them holding some books. The props do cost a little extra, you will need to reach out to us for more information.

And you can add pets, any pets, whether it's a cat, dog, horse, or even a lizard, everyone can be drawn in our custom family portraits. See this link for pricing and to place your order.

 anniversary gifts for parents
 anniversary gifts for parents

A custom relationship comic strip

Now this is where things get serious, a custom comic strip telling the story of how they met and fell in love. This really is the ultimate gift for any special wedding anniversary. We can draw your parents when they very first met and then as the years roll by we will draw hem getting older. All the important events can be included, such as the 'first i love you', becoming official, the proposal, the wedding, kids, pets and more. Sp year you the kids can also be drawn in the comic. This make a really beautiful wedding anniversary gift, a collection of their best memories told in comic format.

Our custom comic strips are all hand drawn by a comic illustrator. We ask many questions and help you brainstorm the story. It's a very personable customer experience, offered by no other company in the world. Yes you might be able to buy custom comic strips elsewhere, but not to the calibre that we create them at. Our custom comic strips are highly detailed, drawn to on the same level as Marvel and DC comics. Trust me when you see the result you will be blown away.

See this link for more info and to make your purchase.

So what are you waiting for?

Your parents will love any of these gifts, we tried to show a gift for all budgets. Please do check out our 5 star reviews, we have 100's of them which actually not an easy task as most people prefer to write bout bad experiences than good. We have been in business since 2016, you can definitely trust us with your project.

Whether its your parents 20th wedding anniversary, 30th, 40th, 50th or even 60th, we have something for them which they will love. Same goes for your grandparents also, any of these custom comic gifts are also suitable for them.

 anniversary gifts for parents