In this blog we identify some good starting points to delve into the superhero world of Batman.

Batman for beginners

The world of Batman is vast, with many different characters and individual storylines. Some crossover, some don’t, there are many books. Some books aren’t easy to track down and not everyone is invested enough in the Dark Knight Universe to spend a lot of money and time. So where are some good starting points for those just starting out on their batman journey. 

We discover some good stories to read, that can be read by themselves, without the pressure of reading the whole series. 

 batman comics for beginners
 batman comics for beginners

Who is Batman?

We assume though that everyone staring out knows who Batman is, but for those who don’t know here is a quick recap. Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger in 1939. Batman is the superhero identity of Bruce Wayne, a wealthy guy from Gotham City who witnessed the murder of his parents as a kid. After training physically and mentally he started to fight crime, masking his true identity and becoming a symbol of justice. He is a great detective and with his sidekick Robin, he takes on many villains, From The JokerThe PenguinThe Riddler and more. 

The best Batman stories for beginners

Here are our top 3 beginner Batman stories which we believe comic book beginners of all ages will love. 

1. Batman: Year One

Batman Year 1, this is probably the best place to start as it’s the origin story of Batman. The story starts in Batman’s first year as a vigilante, as he returns to Gotham City and finds it darker than when he left it. He vows to extinguish all the crime - and that's only half the battle as he discovers how corrupt the city’s police are. 

 batman comics for beginners
 batman comics for beginners

2. The Long Halloween

Batman, The Long halloween, in this standalone story, Batman races against time to track down the Holiday before he claims his next victim. This mystery will have the reader constantly guessing who the killer is. This story also ties into the events that transform Harvey Dent into Batman’s deadly enemy ‘Two Face’. It continues from Year One, but you don’t need to read it first

3. Batman: The Man Who Laughs

Batman The man Who Laughs, this is the origin story of The Joker, another comic story which can be read by itself. A mysterious psychopath appears on TV threatening to destroy the city. Batman must act and fast before he starts attacking the city's most prominent figures. But who is he dealing with? I you like this then also The Killing Joke can be read by itself, and it’s amazing to look at with illustrations by Bill Bolland. 

 batman comics for beginners