In this blog we check out the best comics for kids nowadays. With so many options out there it can be hard to know what’s suitable and what’s good. Focusing on kids from 6-13 years of age.

Comic books v’s storybooks

For some reason comic books are seen as a lesser cousin to the traditional kids storybook. Perhaps because they use less text and rely on the reader to interpret the story more from imagery? But in actual fact we personally believe that comics books are a great way to read a story. Because each child can use their imagination, notice different things and translate the same story many different ways. 

 Best Comic Books For Kids
 Best Comic Books For Kids

Comic books are great for kids who 

struggle to read

Because comic books and comic strips use less text, they can be a great option for a child who struggles with reading or who struggles with focusing. I was one of these kids, a natural artist, who always preferred reading with pictures over pages and pages of text. With a very vivid imagination I was able to immerse myself in a comic story much easier than a traditional storybook. 

So which comic books are best for kids?

Tiny Titans by Art Baltazar 

This is a very bright and colorful comic book, and the characters are kids, so kids can really relate the storylines. It’s a story about young heroes from elementary school. The comic book was first published by DC comics in 2008. The series concluded with it’s 50th issue in 2012. The series has won the Eisner Award for Best Series for Kids twice, in 2009 and 2011.This is a very kid friendly comic, and rather than being 1 long story it’s generally shorter stories. 

 Best Comic Books For Kids
 Best Comic Books For Kids

Catwad by Jim Benton

A comic story about a fat grumpy cat and his best friend Blumrp, they go on hilarious adventures together. The stories are full of lots of jokes and lots of gross things that kids love. Jim Benton is a New York Times best selling author and also an illustrator. 

This collection of short stories is guaranteed to make kids laugh out loud, you can’t help but love this big grumpy cat. 

Spongebob Comics 

Everyone knows SpongeBob, I think loved by adults as well as kids. The SpongeBob comics are full of bright vivid imagery, including all the favorite SpongeBob characters. It’s a collection of short stories so easy for most kids to follow. 

The series started in 2011 and was published every other month, then due to popularity it was published monthly. The series concluded in 2018. 

 Best Comic Books For Kids
 Best Comic Books For Kids

The Loud House by Chris Savino 

The Loud House comics are based off the Nickelodeon show. The story of Lincoln Loud who lives with his 10 sisters and has to find ingenious ways to survive around them. Lincoln navigates the often chaotic conditions of the family by finding creative solutions to their problems, considering himself the man with a plan

It’s actually Nickelodeon's second most watched series.