In this blog we list some of the best Flash stories. He’s been around since 1940, so there’s plenty of really great stories to choose from!

Who is The Flash? 

The Flash was created by Gardner Fox and Harry Lampert, he originally appeared in 1940 in Flash comics. Over the years there have been 5 different characters, all of them have the power of ‘speed force'. The first was Jay Garrick then Barry AllenWally WestBart Allen and Avery Ho. Each reincarnation of The Flash has been a key member of at least one of DC’s premier teams - Justice Society of AmericaJustice League and the Teen Titans. 

The Flash is one of DC’s most popular characters, and the character has played an integral part to DC’s many ‘crisis’ story lines over the years. The original meeting of Jay Garrick and Barry Allen in ‘Flash of Two Worlds’ introduced the Multiverse to Dc readers. The Multiverse would become a basis for many DC stories over the years. 

It hasn’t been easy choosing our favorite Flash stories, he’s definitely one of our favorite DC Comics superheroes. 

 Best Flash Comic Stories
 Best Flash Comic Stories

The flash of two worlds

Definitely in our top 5 of is this story, where Barry Allen discovered he is the first Flash and that Jay Garrick is not a fictional superhero, but the Flash of Earth-2, whilst Barry is the Flash of Earth-1. 

Barry travels to Earth-2 and introduces himself to Jay, fights the Thinker and helped Barry to realize how important love is, revealing his identity to Iris West.

A flash of lightning

This has to be the most crucial storyline for Barry Allen, in this story Barry learns the evil Anti-Monitor has a built in cannon to destroy each universe and vows to stop him. He fights the cosmic being, converting himself into pure energy and using his energy to destroy the Anti-Monitor's weapon - therefore delaying the crisis - from Crisis on Infinite Earth's comic story. From here Wally West continues his legacy. 

 Best Flash Comic Stories
 Best Flash Comic Stories

The Return of barry Allen

This is one of the more unique stories, this story takes place after Barry Allen passed when Jay Garrick and Wally West have become the world super speedy heroes. On Christmas Eve Barry Allen arrives on Eve Wally’s doorstep, she is shocked. Barry appears alive and well but over time they realize he isn’t quite right, prone to violent outbursts. Turns out it isn’t Barry after all but The Flash’s enemy Eobard Thorne

Born to run

Born to Run is possibly one of Wally West’s greatest stories. The story takes place after the passing of Barry Allen during he Crisis on Infinite Earth comic story. Wally looks back at his career as a hero, from when he gained his powers to Barry asking him to be his sidekick, Kid Flash. All the way through to him becoming The Flash himself, it’s an emotional journey, carrying on Barry’s legacy. 

 Best Flash Comic Stories
 Best Flash Comic Stories


Surely the most important storyline has to be Flashpoint. It involves Barry Allen losing his Mom, his grief causes him to go back in time and save her from Thawne, creating a new reality in which she survives. In this new reality Thomas Wayne became Batman and Martha Wayne became The Joker, Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war and Barry found himself powerless. This story leads on to future stories such as Rebirth.