In this blog we discover some of the scariest horror comic books of all time.

Horror comic books

We may not enjoy being scared in life but we sure do like spooky horror comic books, the horror comic genre is a fast growing genre, from vampires and werewolves to ghosts, zombies and plenty of gore. The best horror comics create unease and fear which lingers long after you turn that last page. In this blog we look at what we believe are some of the best horror comic stories. 

 Best Horror Comics
 Best Horror Comics

Uzumaki (1998 - 1999)

Uzumaki is a manga horror comic book story. When the inhabitants of a town become obsessed with the idea of spirals, 2 teenagers watch in horror as they watch their neighbours take there inexplicable obsession as they start twisting up objects, animals and even themselves. 

It’s scary because spirals are simple constructs, but when turned they become terrifying, you will never look at a spiral the same ever again.

Gideon Falls (2018 - 2020)

The Gideon Falls comic horror book story centres around a town that has lost its Catholic priest, and his terrible replacement who has no interest in giving the town any faith. A black barn appears out of nowhere and the town calls on the new priest for his help. The arrival of the barn dredges up an old wife’s tale about black barns meaning bad times ahead. Well surprise surprise it turns out that the story is true. 

It’s scary because the story does a great job of being really creepy and haunting but at the same time a very meme-able idea - with a barn with appears and disappears over time, all over the world acting as a bad omen everywhere it goes.

 Best Horror Comics
 Best Horror Comics

The Autumnal (2020 - 2021)

The story follows a single Mom, Kat Somerville and her daughter, Sybil as they move ti Kat’s hometown of Comfort Nitch. Her Mother has just died and she barely rememeber life in this tiny town, which is probably best as this tiny town is hiding some horrors. 

It’s scary because the story makes it feel like homesickness is something we want to all be cured of right away. As the story digs into the horrors an ancient evil is revealed which only seems to lurk in the oldest parts of the world. 

Black Hole (1995 - 2005) 

The black hole comic book story is the best and worst of teenage angst, especially when you get to the part about the STD which causes its victims to be disfigured. The story is set in 1970’s Seattle, where real life ideas of alienation among teenagers with the horror of a mutant virus that affects your body and all your relationships. 

It’s scary because the the dramatic disfigurations are in full display with the illustrations by Charles Burns. All drawn in grotesque detail in black and white. Combine that with puberty and monsters and its a very upsetting read. 

 Best Horror Comics
 Best Horror Comics

Victor Lavalle's Destroyer (2017)

Victor Lavelle's Destroyer comic book story is gripping sci-fi, it follows a Frankenstein scientist using her ancestors' arcane practices to try and resurrect her son. He was a young black man who was murdered by police. 

It;s scary because whilst it’s a fictional story, at it’s heart is a misshapen value system for humanity that puts a higher value on amalgamates mass of body parts turns into a man than an actual 12 year old boy killed for his skin color.