Custom Superheroes - Who do you want to be?

Custom Superheroes - Who do you want to be?

If you could be any superhero you wanted, who would you be? what would your powers be? Over the years we have turned many superhero dream into a reality with our custom comic covers.

Customise your own superhero

If you could custom your very own superhero, who would you be? Robotic like Iron man, traditional like Superman, sexy like Cat Woman? Would you be able to fly? Have super sonic strength? Hyper intelligence? Telekinesis?

Our customers often create their own, sometimes based off their job, sometimes their hobbies or skills. We love creating custom superheroes from scratch with our customers, it's so fun!

And the process is so easy. Many customers at first aren't sure they are creative enough to come up with ideas. But to be honest you don't need to, we ask you some questions, you provide the information and we provide some ideas, and we brainstorm together.

In this blog we will introduce you to some of the custom superheroes we have created.

 Custom Superheroes - Who do you want to be?
 Custom Superheroes - Who do you want to be?

Meteorite Man!

Now this was a fun one. Andrew, as he is known here on planet earth collects items from space, he has a huge meteorite collection and collects comic books! So when his wife, Trina contacted us I just knew we were going to create something epic.

We went robotic with his suit given the space theme, and then we found out he had a furry kitty cat friend, well we just knew he needed a sidekick. When Andrew got his custom superhero portrait he was blown away! No one ever expects to be turned intoa superhero!

Here is the review Trina left: "Aura was absolutely amazing to work with! This project came out better than I even hoped for. I purchased it for my husband who is very difficult to find the perfect gift for and he was amazed and in awe! It was an absolute dream working with Aura on this gift! Thank you!!!"

Meet Wisdom!

Naomi contacted us to turn her husband, Wayne, into a musical superhero! A superhero Dad who loves comics and music, he's a sound engineer, so music was our focus. A traditional guy so we went with a traditional superhero suit like Superman. And his favourite colours are red and gold, and he's reknown for always wearing a top hat!

Wayne was blown away, here is the review Naomi left: "SUPER happy with the entire process from start to finish! I ordered this for my husband as a gift, he's a collector of Comic books and I thought this would be a thoughtful and creative gift. I had no idea how COOL the art would turn out just from a few pictures! The quality is POW! Aura did an AMAZING job communicating (even on different time zones) and delivered on time. HE LOVES IT! Thank you so much for exceeding my expectations. BOOM! Job well done :)"

 Custom Superheroes - Who do you want to be?
 Custom Superheroes - Who do you want to be?

The Oracle!

This was created for Mark for his work anniversary from his colleagues. He is the IT guy at work and they literally didn't know what they would do without him! Mark knows the answer to everything, he juggles many things at once. A real life superhero!

So we went with a robotic theme again bt a mix of traditional by adding a superman cape. What a gift to recieve off your work colleagues, a massive compliment!

Doctor Who?

This is the only Doctor Who custom comic cover we have ever created, can you believe that?! If you love Doctor Who please get in touch, lets create something, because we love the old Doctor!

Anna reached out to us, her and her husband Rickard both love Doctor Who and she wanted to create him a custom comic cover to celebrate their anniversary. Anna left us a great review: "I am sooo pleased with my order! Everything went so smoothly, from the initial email communications to the speedy delivery, and the picture is awesome, very skillfully done. I love it and so did my husband who got it for Christmas! Thank you again!"

 Custom Superheroes - Who do you want to be?