Custom Wedding Portrait Illustration

Custom Wedding Portrait Illustration

We are renown for creating custom comics but we do also create illustrated portraits, whether you want a family portraits, a couple portrait or a wedding portrait. We can draw the whole bridal party if you wish, we can even draw it before the wedding!it makes a great wedding favor.

What is a custom wedding portrait illustration?

In the magical universe of weddings, it means everything to capture that perfect magical moment. Well how about if you could capture that in a drawing, a cute cartoon drawing with full likeness.

Our cartoon wedding portraits can feature just the bride and groom or the whole bridal party. We can create them before the wedding has happened, we just need photos of the people and the clothing, or of course we can draw them after the wedding from the actual wedding photos.

They are drawn digitally, which means you can print as many as you like, Imagine gifting this to your bridesmaids and groomsmen, even your guests they will be blown away. You can't do this with a custom wedding painting.

You will never forget that moment with a custom wedding cartoon portrait.

 Custom Wedding Portrait Illustration
 Custom Wedding Portrait Illustration

How are our custom wedding illustrated portraits created?

We hand drawn everything digitally, we reference many photos, so we can accurately capture everyones likeness. It's completely customizable, hand drawn from scratch by a professional comic artist. The style is somewhere between cartoony and realism, certainly no caricatures. Everyone will recognise themselves and like how they look - that's our guarantee. The end result is a very stylish and chic piece of work. Check out our reviews and see for yourself. Best bit is is that we edit them until you are happy, you also can't do that with a custom wedding painting.

Why buy a custom wedding illustrated portrait?

Our custom wedding portraits make a great wedding favor for your guests, they also make a great wedding sign for your reception, and they can also be used as a guestbook, with everyone signing the artwork.

Drawn to the highest level they are sure to make any wedding look great.

But another great thing about our custom wedding portraits is, if you don't quite have the wedding photo you wanted - we can create it for you. Perhaps someone is missing, or someones not smiling or not facing the right way, we will recreate it making it perfect. Something else you can't do with a custom wedding painting! Have we convinced you yet? :)

 Custom Wedding Portrait Illustration
 Custom Wedding Portrait Illustration

Why are our custom wedding portraits so popular?

We are a team of professional comic illustrators, we only draw, which means we have a lot of experience at drawing faces - which is perhaps one of the hardest things to draw. We like to work from high res, clear photos, but we appreciate thats not always possible. We have been known to create exceptional custom portrait art from the worst photos.

We are also fast, we can usually complete a custom wedding portrait in 2-5 working days, depending on how many people are to be included. Check out our reviews.

Lastly we are consistent, we always deliver on time and our custom portraits are also spot on.We edit it until you are happy with it.

How much do our custom wedding portraits cost?

See this link for pricing, you can select the number of people and the print size and see the price in your local currency.

We sincerely love what we do and we hope to create your custom wedding portrait soon. Any questions, please email us.

 Custom Wedding Portrait Illustration