Superman is 85 this year, in this blog we delve into his history.

Who created Superman? 

The original creators of Superman are Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, they were actually both still in High School when they came up with the idea. Initially they saw him as a villain, who used his powers for personal gain. But as their ideas evolved he became a hero who fought for truth and justice. The image opposite is the initial concept art. 

 History of Superman
 History of Superman

What is Superman’s origin story?

Superman originated from the planet Krypton, his planet was about to be destroyed so his parents sent him in a rocket ship to Earth to save him. He was found by The Kent’s, they adopted him and brought him up as their son, they called him Clark. As Clark grew up he realised he had super strength and speed and that he could fly! And so he decided to use these powers to help people. 

The story opposite was from 1933 before Superman was launched to the public, as you can see he looks like a villain!

When and where did Superman first appear? 

Superman first appeared in 1938 in DC’s Action Comic, issue 1. Since then he has become a pop culture icon and inspired numerous adaptations and spin-off stories. After his debut, he quickly became a cultural phenomenon, his blue and red costume with his cape and boots was instantly recogniseble and captured the imagination of readers young and old.

 History of Superman
 History of Superman

Who are Superman’s enemies?

Superman has fought against some of the fiercest DC villains, from Lex Luther, the powerful alien Brainiac, to the evil genius Mr. Mxyzptlk. Other villains include DarkseidDoomsdayMetalloBizzaro and Parasite. The Ultro-Humanite was Superman’s very first enemy. 

When was the first Superman movie?

The first movie came out in 1978 and featured Christopher Reeves as the man of steel, the movie grossed over $300 million. The movie received great reviews for its faithful adaptation of the hero’s story. It was a hit with Superman comic fans. Over the years DC has released many more movies and shows. 

In 2013, DC released The Man of Steel movie, Henry Cavil starred as Superman. The movie grossed $620 million, it was a huge success. It spawned a sequel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in 2016.

 History of Superman
 History of Superman

Superman today!

Superman is definitely one of the most popular superheroes ever created, DC still published Superman comics, there’s also graphic novels, toys and more movies in the pipeline. Superman is and always will be one of the longest standing comic characters which is still popular today! We can’t wait to see where DC takes Superman next!