Nerdy Wedding Presents

Nerdy Wedding Presents

In this blog we show you some great nerdy wedding presents for the lovable nerd in your life. Whether you have a nerdy husband or a nerdy wife, we have you covered. Here you will find the ultimate nerdy wedding comic presents.

I'm marrying a nerd, what shall I gift them?

Nerds tend to love everything to do with computers, gaming, comics, technology, science, movies, TV and more. Nerds tends to be fanatical about stuff, they don't just love Star Wars, they also have all the costumes, and built Starship Enterprise at least 10 times and know the movies by heart. They join forums and spend hours discussing topics such as how far can Spiderman throw a web, or how fast can Superman fly....

So now you are marrying a nerd, don't worry, because we have you covered. Here are some of the best custom nerdy wedding presents for your favourite nerd, whether your husband or wife for your wedding or anniversary.

 Nerdy Wedding Presents
 Nerdy Wedding Presents

A Custom Superhero Comic Cover

Now this is our favourite nerdy wedding present, where we turn you and your lovable nerdy partner in a superhero duo! The result is a very authentic looking cmic cover. You could even use it for wedding signage, your bridal book, your wedding invitation.

And you needn't be superheroes, you might prefer to be characters from TV such as Doctor Who, or perhaps you are both crazy about anime or gaming. We can and will literally draw anything. And remember it is all drawn from scratch, no robots, no AI, no shortcuts.

We are a team of comic illustrators who have worked on some very well known comics from DC and Marvel. We are the best in the business having also created comics for the likes of Microsoft and Google. You can check out the Microsoft comic here.

If you would like to know more about our custom comic book covers please check this link. This really is an exceptional nerdy wedding present that your nerd will never forget.

A Custom Superhero Comic Strip

Now this gift is a very special nerdy wedding present, a custom comic strip of your love story, with a superhero twist! Perhaps we portray you as 2 superheroes looking for love and once united you discover your superhero powers! ha! We can have great fun with our custom comic strips, we can tell any story you like. Your relationship story is a great choice for a nerdy wedding present.

Check out this link for more examples and pricing. Best way to get started though is to reach out to us with your story (written in your own words) and we will go through it (free of charge) and advise you how many panels we think you need.

Our custom comic strips are the perfect nerdy wedding present - but they can also be used for your wedding invitation, wedding program, or even your thank you card. And you don't need to have a superhero twist, this is just an idea, you can have any kind of theme you like.

 Nerdy Wedding Presents
 Nerdy Wedding Presents

A Custom Superhero Comic Book

Now if you have a bigger budget our custom superhero comic book is what you want. The final result is an authentic looking comic book which you find in the comic book store. The ultimate nerdy wedding present for your nerdy wife or husband. or perhaps you know a nerdy couple getting married.

Check out this link for more examples and pricing. Like our custom comic strips, the best place to start is by reaching out to us with your story ideas. We can brainstorm together and then we can advise you on how many pages and panels we think you need.