Why We Love Creating Custom Comics

Why We Love Creating Custom Comics

We create custom comic strips, custom comic books and custom comic covers. Creating custom comic artwork for our customers is a really fun and very special experience for us. In this blog we share why.

But first, why we chose to create custom comics?

Comics offer a fantastic blend of visual art and storytelling. Crafting your very own custom comic allows you to express your ideas, emotions, and imagination in a visually compelling and narrative-driven format. And when it's a custom comic about your very own memories and life experiences they become even more special.

We of course also love comics in general, we are all comic geeks on the Make Me A Comic team. Getting to create custom comics everyday is a dream come true!

 Why We Love Creating Custom Comics
 Why We Love Creating Custom Comics

Why are our custom comics so popular?

Our custom comics are drawn VERY professionally, with a very high level of detail. There actually aren't that many custom comic options out there, but regardless we wanted to make sure we went over and above what everyone else was offering. Plus we are all professional comic artists. Some of us are self taught, some went to art school, but we all have worked on professional comics.

Why do we love creating custom comics?

It's simple really, we get to do what we love! Every single day. We feel quite honoured to be chosen to recreate very personal memories. Every custom comic we create is of such a personal nature, customers trust us with personal information and photos. We are often drawing people or pets which have passed, so some comic stories are very emotional, very close to people's hearts. So it's SO important that we do a VERY good job.

 Why We Love Creating Custom Comics
 Why We Love Creating Custom Comics

Check out our 5 star reviews

We ONLY have 5 star reviews, actually getting positive reviews is no easy task as people usually only write reviews when they have had a bad experience. All our reviews are 100% authentic, we use Loox for our reviews which are highly regarded.

We hope we get to create you a custom piece of comic art. Below are links to the various products we offer.

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