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Feature in the "We Love Ibiza " comic. Part 1

Get drawn in the "We Love Ibiza" Comic Book, Part 1, "The Golden Oldie Years". This first part is from the 1950's - 1986, don't worry if you weren't alive, we can still draw you in it. Be part of Ibiza history!

  • LIMITED to just 100 spots. get in quick, these will go fast!
  • Once purchased we will email you requesting a couple of photos.
  • You will recognise yourself, you can make edits and approve the artwork before print.
  • Purchase includes a soft cover copy of Part 1. Book ships September 2024.
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Feature in the "We Love Ibiza " comic. Part 1 - Make Me A Comic Ltd
Feature in the "We Love Ibiza " comic. Part 1
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This is the ultimate opportunity for any Ibiza lover, feature in the Part of of the "We Love Ibiza" comic book, "The Golden Oldie Years". Yes we will draw you within the Ibiza comic story! Limited to just 100 spots. 

If you want to buy the book only, head to this link

How does it work?

  1. Once you have placed your order we will email you requesting a couple of photos. They can be recent or old photos, it's up to you. The most important thing is that we can clearly see your face.
  2. You can't request clothing in part 1 as we must make sure the clothing is appropriate for the time. (mid 50's - mid 80's)
  3. You can't choose where we draw you, we will decide that based on your photos and where we can fit you. Reason being, is the comic is almost completed so we will be editing the artwork to make you fit.  
  4. Once we have drawn you in we will send you the artwork to be approved. You can request edits and we go to print when you are happy. 
  5. You will also get a soft cover copy of the book, stock ships in September 2024. 
How do I get started? What do you need from me?

If you know how much you want to spend then place your order and we will request your comic story ideas. Don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas, we will have plenty for you.

If your budget is flexible, then perhaps place an order for a 10 panel custom comic strip. Let us know you are flexible and we will factor that in when brainstorming the story with you.

Some customers like to chat about the story first, so shoot us a message and let’s chat! We will advise you on how many panels we think you need.

What if I want a different number of panels and print size to what if offered on your website?

You can opt for any number of panels and any size. So send us a message with your request.

Who writes the custom comic strip story, me or you?

We write the custom comic story but we work with you to create it. You might have some basic initial ideas or sometimes no ideas. Whichever it is we ask all the right questions to ensure we create a custom comic strip that you love and which is highly personal to the recipient.

Alternatively you might know exactly what story you want and have the comic story ready - if you do we ask that you are open to us making some suggested edits.

Once we decide what the story is, we will ask you many questions to find out the smaller details, and we will also request photos. It’s a really fun and easy process, even the creatively challenged love it!

How is my custom comic strip created?

Your custom comic strip is drawn by hand, digitally. We first create a rough draft which we share with you, this shows you how we plan to tell your story. We email this to you for feedback where you can request edits.

We then complete the custom comic strip and when complete we again send it to you for feedback. At this later stage it’s usually smaller edits like colors and text.

All people, places and specific objects are drawn from photos that you supply, so everything and everyone looks like they do in real life.

How many photos do I need to supply?

This varies from job to job, we will request all the photos we need, they will be of people, places and specific objects which are relevant to your story.

Can I really make unlimited edits?

Yes you can, but there are some guidelines. When we send you the draft ANY edits can be requested, whole panels can be changed. It’s really easy to make edits at this stage.

Once we complete your custom comic strip you can’t then change whole panels without incurring a fee - but because our process is so thorough this never happens. At this later stage it’s usually things like text, colors and likeness to people.

As long as you follow these guidelines then you can request any amount of edits until you are happy.

How long will my custom comic strip take to create?

This depends on how long your custom comic strip is, for instance a 3 panel comic strip can be completed in 4-6 days, a 10 panel comic strip can be completed in 7-9 days. But this also depends on our work load, remember everything is created from scratch, by hand…there are no robots on our team.

But we do meet 99.9% of deadlines, if you need it quickly, message us and we will see what we can do. A rush fee may apply.

What kind of stories can be turned into a custom comic strip?

Absolutely anything! Our most popular story is how people met and got married, but we can literally write and draw anything. We have created many fictional superhero comics, fantasy comics, even Halloween comics.

How do I print my custom comic strip?

Once complete we will give you a high resolution digital file of your comic. Any local printer can print the artwork using that file. You will get a better result printing with a printer rather than say Walgreens or a grocery store with printing facilities. Shutterfly and Snapfish are good online options. We will help you find a printer.

You must print the artwork at the size we create it at.

If you have any issues with an online printer not accepting the file please get in touch, it won’t be that our file is incorrect, it is just that different printers have different requirements.

Tell me about canvas printing?

We use several different canvas printers from across the globe, each have been selected for their quality. USA, UK, Canada, Europe and Australia are all possible. If you live outside of these areas please get in touch and ask us if we can ship there. Canvas prints take anything from 2-10 days to be delivered, depending on location.

What if I don’t like my custom comic strip?

In all the years we have been in business no one has not liked their comic artwork. Our process is very thorough, we understand and communicate with our customers very well. Every single comic job requires some editing, this is normal, and we will edit it until you are happy. But remember we are comic artist professionals, you are in safe hands, we know what we are doing. Everyone leaves happy!

Comic Artwork Created From 3 days
Comic Artwork Created From 3 days
Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide Shipping
Unlimited Revisions
Unlimited Revisions